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International Congress on Landscape Architecture Research

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6th International Congress on Landscape Architecture Research


6th International Congress on Landscape Architecture Research

Congress Information

Congress Category :Agriculture
Chair :Dr. İpek KAŞTAŞ UZUN
Start Date/Time :15.11.2024 - 08:00
Congress Duration :3 Gün
Co Chair :
Congress Editor :Mehmet Karataş (Editor)
Address :ONLINE / Online
Web :
Event Language :English
Number of Abstracts (Count) :0
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Congress Program

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Congress Topics

Agricultural landscapes and urban agriculture
Campus planning and design
Children and nature
Computer-aided design and drafting in landscape architecture
Cultural and natural heritage
Design and aesthetics
Ecological corridors
Ecosystem services
Energy efficient landscaping
Environmental legislation and management
Environmental philosophy and environmental psychology
Landscape architecture and ergonomy
Gender and landscape
Geographic information systems and remote sensing in landscape
Global warming and pollution
Green areas and public health
Green infrastructure planning and provision
Green urbanism / landscape urbanism
Greenway planning and design
History of landscape art
Healing garden
Human and space
Irrigation on landscape architecture
Landscape ecology
Landscape conservation, development and enhancement
Landscape construction
Landscape design
Landscape economics
Landscape engineering
Landscape and identity
Landscape maintenance techniques
Landscape management
Landscape restoration and reclamation
Land use and policy
Lighting in landscape
Liveable / sustainable cities and landscapes
Management of coastal areas
Master planning
Natural resource management
Occupational ethics in landscape architecture
Open-green spaces
Open green areas and effects on real estate
Park and recreation planning
Plant diversity
Plant material
Plantation techniques
Planting design
Promenades and pedestrian areas
Regional landscape planning
Renewable and other alternative energies
Science, policy and practice
Space and art
Species conservation and biodiversity
Storm water management
Sustainable land use practices
Tourism and recreation
Urban design
Urban ecosytems
Urban forestry
Rural / urban landscape planning
Vegetation analysis
Visual quality assessment
Water in landscape
Wetland ecology
Wetlands protection, restoration and management
Landscape Architecture and Technology
Smart Buildings
Climate sensitive Design
Sustainability and Urban Design
Heritage and Cultural Landscapes
Biophilic design
Local Aspects of Landscape Design

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